It all started in 2015. I’ve been searching the perfect sound for a long time. I’ve switched all different cabinets, but I’ve been always missing something. Everytime something in compromise for something. Then I’ve decided to build a cabinet for with my own design and no compromises.

The first cabinet – Lungo – was built in my friend´s (Berny) cellar. We have used old wood techniques and a coffee bag as the front grill cloth. Voila! And that´s how the name came about. Coffee Custom Cabs by C.O.3 (my nickname).

After some time, my friend (TJ) called and invited me for some cab testing session in Prague. So I have confirmed Coffee Cab´s participation. There were a lot of different cabinets and our Lungo has won the whole sound and design contest.

People were asking me why don´t we build these amazing cabs for other people and how is it possible that our sound is so far ahead from the other brands?

My explanation was simple: we build our cabs with love, using old wood techniques and our 20 years´ experience in music. A combination of precision, the best components and wood can only bring you benefits. And I remember after this question I said to myself – ok let´s try it.

And that was the start of Coffee Custom Cabs.

R. Kraus