Light 112

Starting price

560,- €

without VAT

Small, light and portable cabinet produce huge and articulate tones. This cabinet is very useful for small stages or home studios. Very interesting price & quality ratio. Cabinets are standard loaded with Celestion V-Type (70W) 16 ohm.


For the Coffee Light version, we have developed a unique ultra-light construction that will makes happy every musician on the tour. In combination with a neodymium speaker, it weighs only 9 kg and ceramic 10,3 kg.


The sound is very detailed with an emphasis on mid frequencies. thanks to a selection of different speakers, we can tune the sound to the needs of each customer. our preferred speaker is a V type 70W.

Clean: Crystalic
Overdrive: Detailed and punchy

Highs: Sparkly and clear
Mids: aggressive
Bass: Smooth and balanced

Custom Order on Request

Dimensions & weight

(H x W x L)

520 x 360 x 585 / 9 kg with neo and 10,3 kg with ceramic Speaker