Johnny Booth


Johnny Booth is a hardcore band from Long Island and Oneonta, New York. Johnny Booth consists of Andrew Herman, Adam Halpern, Nick Martell, Ryan Strong and Scott Owens.

Light 212 Custom
with Creamback H75
and Redback H150

band radosta


Ondřej Jáchym


Bassplayer member of band Hejtman


John Browne

guitarist / producer

Guitarist / songwriter / producer for the UK bands Monuments and Flux Conduct. CEO of Riffhard.com

Tue Madsen


Music producer and sound engineer, who works with bands like Meshuggah, The Haunted, Mnemic.

„I like it. it is really aggressive in the highs and has way more lows than I would think for a small cab.“

Roman Ibramhalilov


Guitarist in JINJER band.

Ryan Bruce

Youtuber / Musician

Ryan Bruce, better known as ‚Fluff‘ is a Musician and YouTuber.

Henning Pauly

Youtuber / Producer

An enthusiastic musician and Youtuber. Founder of GuitCon, 42studios.
„You would hear this cab in any situation, live, practice room, in studio, it is just busting my nuts“

Glenn Fricker

Youtuber / Producer

Music producer and sound engineer, Spectre Sound Studios. No mercy YouTuber 🙂
„One of the coolest guitar cabs I have ever come across. Pretty damn versatile!“

Olda Krejcoves


Czech guitarist and singer. Member of the Monkey Business, Podpalto and Okrej bands. Good boy.

Timfy James

Musician / Producer

Ex Hactivist guitarist and producer.



Czech Musician and artist. Member of the Wohnout band.

Eugene Abdukhanov


Efficient and hard hitting bassist of Ukranian metal star Jinjer.
„Sounds totaly killer, looks killer and handcraft is absolutely briliant.“

Boris Carloff

Musician / Producer

Czech producer, composer, engineer and musician.

Miroslav Chyska

Musician / Producer

Czech musician, composer, mix engineer and mastering guru. Member of J.A.R. and Illustratosphere.

„I‘ve been searching for years of sound that goes through the mix in full frequency spectrum. My dream became reality with boxes from Coffee Cabs.“

Lazer Viking


The most eccentric and egocentric heel on Prague‘s alternative scene.
„Solution to many of my problems, adding the much needed control over the cab’s bass response, while at the same time letting the mid-focused 10-inch speakers truly shine.“



Guitar player from Kashmir 941 krishnacore band.
„Coffee gave me what I was looking for in other places unnecessarily. I need a hard, uncompromising guitar sound and that’s here…“

Jiri Starha


Guitar player, songwriter, sitar player.
„I was looking for a guitar box for hard core, rock and pop music. This is the most universal box what I ever had.“

jakub tirco


Guitar player & producer from IONS and Helenine Oci.
„I’ve been using Coffee IRs almost exclusively now, and they are one of most mix-ready impulses I’ve tried.“