Lungo 412

Starting price

1250,- €

without VAT

Modern oversized 412 cab for those who despise their band members as well as the front rows at their shows.


13-ply 18mm birch cab with 15-ply 21mm front and back. Reinforced and finger-jointed. Front and back connected via support beam. Baffle set in groove. Front-loaded speakers.


We recommend Celestion V30s and K100s in an X-Pattern. This setup truly unleashes the potential of this best, which transforms your tone into a weapon of mass destruction at the strike of the first chord with non-compromising clarity and definition. Great for downtuned axe-play.

Clean: Sweet and natural
Overdrive: Ultra tight and aggresive

Highs: Tamed and balanced
Mids: Rich and defined
Bass: Damn tight

Dimensions & weight

(H x W x L)

810 x 390 x 770 / 50 kg

Glenn Fricker of Spectre Media Group: „Not only is this fucking gorgeous, it’s the best I’ve ever heard!“