Moca 112


The Mocha was designed for guitarists looking for a portable cab with great sound. The Cab construction is made of reinforced 18mm ply all around. The bottom part was designed in shape of U-Ramp which has two functions: the half-open cab sound and to radiate the rear waves into the player’s head when the box is placed on the ground.


Our standard version is loaded with Celestion K100 8 Ohm. For those who like to blow eardrums, we recommended a new option, loaded with the brand new and more powerful speaker from Celestion G12 Redback 150W 8 Ohm.

Clean: Crystal with tweed flavor

Overdrive: Very punchy and tight

Highs: Crystalic

Mids: Rich

Bass: Punchy and tasty

Dimensions & weight:

(H x W x L)

500 x 360 x 440 / 15Kg