Djezwe 60

our first amp…

The story

Project DJEZWE was our next logical step. Simply, good guitar cabinet needs also good amp.

You can find a tons of different and cool amplifiers in the market , but there is still some compromise between vintage and hi-gain sound. You should have fully Hi-Gain amp, but the vintage clean and crunch sound sound often not as good. And this was exactly impulse for us. We contact Antonin Salva from Salvation Audio and ask him, if he can help us with this issue.

Our idea was universal 2 channel 60w amp, usable for country, blues, jazz in channel one and ultra dynamic Hi-Gain in channel two, which will not have a problem  to deal  with 7 and 8 strings guitars. For vintage sound you need to cranck up power transformer but for hi gain modern sound you need more headroom. As you can see, those are two different worlds.

We spend more than 2 years of developement, to find perfect combination of components and transformers for our project. Hours and hours of testing and changing and finally here it is…


  • Two fully independendent channels (cream and black)
  • 4, 8, 16 Ohms
  • Tube Effect Loop
  • 5 x ECC83, 2 x 6L6 (60W)
  • Indian Custom Handwired Hi-End Transformers and Chooke
  • Each channel have Master Volume
  • Point to Ponit wiring
  • Mallory and nichicon capacitors
  • Switchable negative feedback (RAW)
  • Cream Channel (vintage) – 3 pos. Bright switch, Boost switch
  • Black Channel (hi gain) – 3 pos. Bright switch, 3 mods (Standard / Djent / Doom), 3pos. Noise gate, Attack knob from back of the amp.

Cream Channel

Nice warm and clean tone was inspired by old vintage British sound. Perfect solution for telecasters or for guitars with single coils. Cream channel have gain, bass and highs and master volume and is amazing how much collors of sound you can get from 4 knobs.

Black Channel

Modern Hi-Gain with 3 different mods.

Standard mode: perfect for classic rock or metal sounds.

Djent mode: low pass filter ideal for 7-8 strings guitars.

DOOM mode: ultra fat and fuzzy mode perfect for stoner or doom even perfectly works like jump for solos (DOOM mode is switchable from footswitch).

Dimensions & weight

(H x W x L)